FOUNDATION - The main function of the Peoria County Farm Bureau Foundation is to encourage and fund agricultural education through support of the Ag Literacy program and scholarships for students pursuing an ag related degree.   

AGRICULTURE-IN-THE-CLASSROOM – The AITC Committee is responsible for educating youth about agriculture. This is primarily done through classroom visits focusing on 3rd-6th grade students. The committee will also seek to educate and provide agriculture materials to teachers in Peoria County.   

EQUINE COMMITTEE – The Equine Committee is responsible for developing and sponsoring programs and educational materials for people with an interest in the horse industry. Activities include an Equine Workshop, and Round Table Discussions. Click below bottom for Equine Directory.

LEGISLATIVE – The Legislative Committee is charged with evaluating issues that affect farmers through legislation. The committee also develops and maintains a working relationship with local, state and national politicians. Activities include presenting Friend of Agriculture Awards to Legislators, Action Requests, Developing Resolutions, and a Grassroots Picnic.   

LOCAL AFFAIRS COMMITTEE – The Local Affairs Committee is involved with local issues that affect members in the county, i.e. taxes, roads, zoning, planning, landfills, and any other issues that may become a local concern.   

MARKETING COMMITTEE – The Marketing Committee is concerned with markets within the county and is responsible for carrying out programs that encourage the use of farm commodities and educational opportunities for farmers. Activities include a Market Outlook, Crop Insurance Update, and Farm Progress Show Bus Trip.   

MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE – The Membership Committee is responsible for retention of current members and increasing Farm Bureau membership in the county. Activities include a Membership Drive and the Business Discount program for members.   

PUBLIC RELATIONS COMMITTEE – The Public Relations Committee is set up to help coordinate programs and activities which builds goodwill with consumers as well as educating people about our food and fiber system. Activities include the Farmers Share of the Food Dollar Breakfast and Spin the Wheel Exhibit at the Heart of Illinois Fair.   

SPORTS COMMITTEE – The Sports Committee is in charge of scheduling sporting activities for all Peoria County Farm Bureau members. Primary activities are bowling, golf scramble, Bradley Basketball discount tickets, and a baseball game.   

VIEWPOINT COMMITTEE – The Viewpoint Committee is responsible for surfacing issues and ideas that local members have that may be formulated into resolutions for consideration by delegates at the IAA Annual Meeting. Activities include Questionnaires to gauge members viewpoints and Round Table type meetings for policy discussion.   

YOUNG LEADERS COMMITTEE – The Young Leaders Committee is set up to encourage young members with an agriculture interest to get involved in the organization through a variety of programs and leadership development opportunities. Activities include posting Farm Country-Stay Alert signs on rural roads, FFA Acquaintance Day, and 4-H Tractor Driving Contest.