Monthly Presentations

A Year of AG in your Classroom!




Pizza is what many people would say when asked what their favorite food is. But what’s in your pizza and where do those ingredients come from? The first presentation of the year will show the students all the farm grown ingredients that are on their pizzas. The students will then map out where all those ingredients come from.



The students will learn all about the machinery that is used on the farm beyond the basics. Technology is taking over aspects of farming in many different ways. From computer screens in tractors, drones, robotic milking and FitBits for cows there is a lot of new technology being used on farms around the country. Then, to see just how helpful farm machinery is the students will have to thresh wheat by hand.




 From seed to massive orange fruit and all the steps in-between, this lesson will cover the life cycle of the pumpkin and exactly how it grows. The students will learn exactly how a flower can possibly turn into something as large as a pumpkin, and the role that pollinators play in that process.  A matching activity will help show the students that it is not just pumpkin flowers that produce a fruit but that many other plants do this as well.




Beef is a big part of most people’s diet, from hamburgers, steaks, meatballs and more. But where does that meat come from? The students will learn all about the beef industry, where these animals are raised and how they are taken care of. This lesson will also describe the history and current job of cowboys. The students will learn what branding or tagging is, why it is done and get the opportunity to make their own brand.



When people think of agriculture they think of the country, of being far away from any kind of city. But a lot of food and agriculture related activities occur closer to cities than you might think. From people’s personal gardens to community gardens and farmer’s markets there is a lot of food growth and distribution happening in urban areas. This lesson will not only take a look at all of those activities but will also look at the history of our area, the land use around Peoria and how city growth can change rural farm land.  




Our annual pig visit is back! The presentation will first break down myths and misconceptions about the pork industry. The students will learn how the animals are cared for, what the facilities look like and whether or not pigs make good pets. Then every student will have the opportunity to see and touch a market piglet.




Pollinators are disappearing at alarming rates. This lesson will describe what insects are pollinators, what they do and why their presence in our environment is so important. Students will get a chance to try and figure out what food relies on pollinators and see what would be the result if our pollinator populations get too small.