Monthly Presentations

A Year of AG in your Classroom 2018-2019!


corn aitc.jpg


Students in Peoria County can’t travel very far without seeing a corn field. But do they know that not all corn is the same? This month’s presentation will show the students the differences between field corn, sweet corn and popcorn. Students will see and hear how each type is grown, harvested and what each is actually used for in this state and around the world. Students will have the chance to view the differences between corn seeds and the bag they are packaged in for planting. The students will have the opportunity to experiment with cornstarch suspension and its unique characteristics.




This incredible bean, that is grown all over the state of IL, provides us with a great deal of products. During this presentation the students will learn about the life cycle of the soybean, how it is grown and harvested and all of the by-products and uses of this bean.  Participating students will be dissecting soybeans and planting a bean to watch how it germinates.


illinois bicentennial.jpg


In celebration of the bicentennial for the state of IL, the Ag in the Classroom program will take a look back at farming history. The presentation will present an agriculture timeline so the students can truly see how much has changed for this industry in 200 years. The students will participate in a “Then and Now” activity where they have to figure out what piece of farming equipment from 200 years ago accomplished the same task as a specific piece of farming equipment from today. Also in celebration of the bicentennial the Peoria County Farm Bureau will be gifting each Ag in the Classroom participating school with a white oak tree, IL’s state tree, to plant on their school grounds. 




Apples are one of children’s favorite fruits but most can’t identify the tree that the fruit is grown on. This lesson will help educate students about apple orchards, the trees that bear this fruit, how the flowers are pollinated and the jobs of apple farmers. Students will get the opportunity to see the tools of someone that works on an orchard and participate in an apple variety taste test so they can determine their favorite variety of apples.




Goat cheese, goat milk and goats being used as lawn mowers; are these real things? The students will learn all about the products that we get from goats and how they are cared for. The students will get to see a goat farm and the differences in taking care of these animals versus other livestock.




Being a healthy child and a successful student relies on a proper diet. Students will be taught about the food groups and the types of foods that they should be eating on a regular basis, along with the foods that should be an occasional special treat. But knowing what to eat and what to avoid is really tough when it comes to more processed foods. In order to help them understand those foods better the students will learn all about the nutrition labels, what they include and what it all means. Then the students will compare snack options and determine how to pick the best choice for them.


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The final presentation of the year will talk all about the critters that impact our farms. From the good critters in the soil and pollinators in the air to the awful bugs that can devastate crops this presentation will cover them all. Plus, the students will hear some interesting ways that other wild creatures, like raccoons and deer, can impact farming as well.  Each student will be given a sweet treat from our amazing bee pollinators.