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                      ABOUT THOSE ORANGES...

            Three hundred and thirty eight Peoria County Farm Bureau members received Florida Citrus and/or Terri Lynn Nuts this past December through one of the many Farm Bureau benefits that is offered to members.   A total of 615 forty pound boxes of Florida oranges, grapefruit and tangelos were ordered and 1632 one pound bags of cashews, pecans, and other nut products.

            After distributing the citrus to members on December 16, approximately 25 of the 275 Farm Bureau members that ordered ORANGES, called the office indicating that the ORANGES were spoiling, hard, dry, etc.  This was unusual for our citrus program.  The Peoria County Farm Bureau has offered Florida citrus to members for decades and it has been a great membership benefit, but once in a while the quality is not up to par.

            Following is a brief history of the Farm Bureau citrus program.  Initially, the Illinois Farm Bureau (IFB) managed and offered Florida citrus and other food products to county Farm Bureaus through an affiliate.  Approximately 20 years ago, IFB made the decision to dissolve the affiliate and also the citrus program.  Other than let the program disappear and a valuable benefit lost to the membership, the Macon County Farm Bureau in Decatur created an affiliate called Member to Member.  Through this affiliate they've continued to offer the Florida citrus and other food products to county Farm Bureaus.  Member to Member works with the Florida Farm Bureau in organizing shipments of citrus to county Farm Bureau's.

            The Florida Farm Bureau indicated that the weather this past fall was not conducive for a premium orange crop.  The weather was too warm and humid.  Just like the weather affects corn and soybean quality and production in Illinois, it affects the quality of citrus in Florida.

            Another issue affecting orange production in Florida is an insect called Asian Citrus Psyllid (ACP).  It's a non-native invasive insect and has been affecting the Florida citrus groves for several years.  This insect spreads a devastating disease that is fatal to citrus trees.  The disease is called huaglongbing  or more commonly known as Citrus Greening.  Currently, there is no widespread cure for the Citrus Greening disease and over a few years, the tree eventually dies.  The Florida Farm Bureau indicated that in the past decade approximately half of the orange groves in Florida have been lost to Citrus Greening.  The USDA report issued on Tuesday, January 12, indicated that Florida orange production had fallen nearly 30% compared to last year.

            Although the Peoria County Farm Bureau cannot guarantee the quality on any of our produce programs (citrus, blueberries or peaches), we want to pass along any credits we receive from our suppliers.   The Florida Farm Bureau has given us a PARTIAL credit on the ORANGES.  If you received ORANGES that were of poor quality, please contact the Peoria County Farm Bureau office at 309-686-7070 or peoriacfb@sbcglobal.net by Monday, February 15.  We will send you a check for a PARTIAL reimbursement for your ORANGES.  We plan to issue the checks by March 1.  




Tuesday, February 9th      4:00 pm   Embassy Suites, East Peoria, IL

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                Peoria County Farm Bureau Members and their families are invited to a FREE Farm Legacy Planning Seminar led by nationally known speaker and best-selling author, Tom Hegna, on Tuesday, February 9, at the Embassy Suites in East Peoria.  The seminar will also include a Crop Insurance/Farm Bill meeting with Doug Yoder and a Painting Class presented by Cindy Abel with Abel's Fine Arts.  A dinner buffet will be served. The session is sponsored by COUNTRY Financial, COUNTRY Agents, and county Farm Bureau's.  Reservations are due by Tuesday, February 2, and members can contact the Peoria County Farm Bureau office at 686-7070 or a COUNTRY Financial Agent.

Market Panel Discussion

Thursday, February 18, 2016 at 10:00 am

Peoria County Farm Bureau Auditorium

Join us in a Market Panel Discussion with 3 Market Analysts

Alan Knobloch  -  Akron Services

Grant Frye  -  WaterStreet  Solutions    

Andy Shissler  -  S&W Trading

Raber Packing will serve a BBQ sandwich lunch that will include baked beans, potato salad, dessert & drinks

Free admission for Farm Bureau members.  Non-members cost is $10
Reservation Deadline - Monday, February 15

What We’ve Learned About Nitrogen Management

Tuesday, February 23, 2016 at 10:00 am

Matt Foes

  • Regional agronomy manager for 360 Yield Center
  • Serving northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin
  • Almost 20 years of agronomy experience
  • Matt holds a B.S. in chemistry from Illinois State University
  • M.S. in agronomy from the University of Illinois.

Of all of the factors that contribute to production cost and yield, nitrogen has one of the largest impacts. Small improvements to Nitrogen utilization can boost profitability. Some of the things Matt will discuss:

  • Placement, timing, and rates of nitrogen
  • Corn uses almost 75% of its nitrogen after V10
  • Late season nitrogen applications through Y-drops
  • has proven successful

Also providing insight, Sharing thoughts and experiences will be:

George Roberts

  • Operates a farm near Trivoli
  • Participant in Nutrient Loss Management program thru Illinois Council on Best Management Practices
  • Has a monitored tile line measuring loss of nitrogen

Ben Herrmann

  • Operates Herrmann Integrated Agronomy
  • Hosted Nutrient Management Program last June
  • Works with George on the field demonstration project

Program is FREE for Farm Bureau members         Non Member cost is $10

Reservations required by Friday, February 19

An Avanti’s Lunch will be served at noon Lasagna, Gondola sandwiches, Salad and bread


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